W40 - MultiPoint Concealed Window Locking System

W40 - MultiPoint Concealed Window Locking System

Code: W40 MultiPoint Window Locking System

A MultiPoint Concealed rail system designed specifically for W40 (MW40) windows

  • Completely concealed within the window profiles.
  • Consisting of Stainless Steel rails fitted with security Mushrooms, Keeps and connecting handle Block.
  • Designed to Operate with one of our many options of "MP" multipoint drive blade handles.
  • Window options for Open-In, Open-Out, Inside and outside Glazing.
  • Part codes required for system;

1) MPW40KKAD Keep Kit,

2) MPRW20/24 Stainless Steel Rail Long and/or MPRW20/24S Short

3) MPW40DBK Drive Kit

4) MP158SPC10 Handle Spacer

5) A MultiPoint Handle commencing "MP"; MP158, MP918, MP400, MP920, MP916

  • Optional Parts include MPW40KKCM Centre Mushroom Kit and MP40HFB Inside Glaze Handle mount block

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