W50TB - MultiPoint Concealed Window Locking System

W50TB - MultiPoint Concealed Window Locking System

Code: W50TB - MultiPoint Window Locking System

A MultiPoint rail system designed specifically for OttoStumm W50TB windows

  • Completely concealed within the window profiles.
  • Consisting of Stainless Steel rails fitted with security Mushrooms, Keeps and connecting handle Block.
  • Designed to Operate with one of our many options of "MP" multipoint drive blade handles.
  • Window options for Open-In, Open-Out, Inside and outside Glazing.
  • Part code required and Options for system;

1) MPW50TBKK LH or RH Keep Kit Left and/or Right Hand 

2) MPR65LNA Stainless Steel Long Rail and/or MPR65SNA Short Rail

3) MPW50TBCMUGLH Centre mushroom Kit (under Glass) for Left Hand or MPW50TBCMUGRH for Right Hand version

4) MPW50TBCMBPLH Centre mushroom (between Profile) for Left Hand or MPW50TBCMBPRH for Right Hand version

5) MPW50TBDBSCK Drive Block kit

6) A MultiPoint Handle commencing "MP"; MP158, MP918, MP400, MP920, MP916

7) MP158SPC10 Handle Spacer

  • Optional Parts include MPW50TBIGHB10 "L" shape Handle Fixing Bracket Inside Glaze Open Out, MPW50TBHFB Handle Fixing Block Inside Glaze Open Out and MPW50TBIGHB06 Fixing Block Inside Glaze Open In.

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