Concealed MultiPoint Locking now available on 4 Iconic Slim-Steel-Traditional Windows

9.28.2020 Traditional Slim steel windows now have the exciting benefit of concealed locking points operated by a single handle. The single handle drives a stainless-steel rail fitted with secure locking points along the windows length that does not change the iconic sightline of the steel window. The advantages are numerous; better weather protection, secure closing, and the ability to manufacture and provide larger window openings. Available on four systems to include W30, W40, OttoStumm W50TB and Jansen Steel Arte. 5 different handles are available in countless finishes to operate the concealed system creating the appearance of a conventional steel window. Each of the 4 different systems is flexible so that it can be fitted to any size of window and allows fitting of multiple locking points along the windows length even into the corners thus holding the window tight against the frame. Matching Peg Stays and slide stays suite together with the MultiPoint Handles to enhance the appearance and functionality of the traditional Slim steel window. SWF also offers Multi locking points that are also available with Duplex and Triplex systems that present the architecturally pleasing mechanism on view of the window.