Salt Spray Testing - a must for coastal properties

The coast can be a truly magical place to settle down – The calming sound of the ocean right on your doorstep and wonderful sandy beaches as well as common, breath-taking heritage sites.

A problem not often considered by those that choose to move to coastal areas is the corrosion damage to windows and doors caused by the amount of salt and moisture that is in the sea air. Fittings unequipped for the harsh conditions break down extremely quickly and can stop working or succumb to unattractive rusting. Handles and other furniture can become compromised as well as ruin the aesthetics of your property with unsightly peeling paint, patches of rust, and corrosion. Ensuring that your products are tested to standard to survive the unforgiving ocean air is a necessity.

Salt spray testing (also commonly known as salt fog testing) is the method of placing fixtures within a chamber and spraying them for a high number of hours (Usually at least 24 hours). Afterward, they are tested for the weakness of the mechanisms which includes moving parts being maneuvered in and out of position repeatedly. If the usability has deteriorated, or the aesthetic has changed. Furniture can either be deemed suitable for certain interiors only or are hardy enough for interiors and exteriors - depending on the amount of salt spray they are still useable after.

At Steel Window Fittings, our window handles and window furnishings are subject to stringent testing for a total of between 72 and 240 hours. This ensures that they’re able to be fitted to interiors or exteriors that will be exposed to sea air without the mechanics of the handle breaking down or corrosion ruining the aesthetic of your properties. Check out our handle collection here to find the best fit for your coastal property.

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