Is steel the best option for my doors?

When asked to describe Steel doors, most will use words such as luxurious, strong, industrial, and timeless – but did you know that there are more reasons than aesthetics or longevity to choose steel over the commonly found timber or uPVC?

The thinner profile is the most well-known factor when steel doors are considered. Unobtrusive sight lines allow significantly more light into the property than wood or uPVC materials do. Steel can also be coated in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit the property – from heritage to contemporary.

Door fittings are also largely customisable – Steel Window fittings offer 7 standard colours and RAL coatings for lever-lever handles, cabin hooks, and bolts. Whether you like the look of a smaller ROSE backplate and escutcheon or the Long Backplate, we have a range of options.

‘Strong as steel’ isn’t said for nothing! Steel is much stronger than other materials on the market for your doors and as a result, is the top choice for safety. Visually, they are also a deterrent as potential burglars are less likely to attempt a break-in through them and if they do – The steel door can stand up to a lot of pressure and damage. Make sure you’re adding quality fittings to your doors to improve your security.

Durability and Maintenance
All doors require maintenance now and then, however, Steel cannot warp or rot like other materials. Temperatures do not affect the door’s structure and adverse weather is no match for the steel door. Once, rust used to be an issue with steel but most manufacturers now coat their steel to stop rust from occurring. Modern galvanizing or powder coating techniques will protect the look and strength of your doors for years to come.

Energy efficiency is on everybody’s minds at the moment with new and interesting ways to keep the home warm popping up every day. One of a door’s purposes is to reduce heat loss within the property and steel is the top choice to trap heat. Research shows that steel is more than twice as likely to hold heat as other materials due to insulation inside of the frame and thermal breaks at the joins.

Noise reduction
Due to the thickness of the steel door, noise is greatly reduced within the home, offering a greater feeling of seclusion and security for you and your family.

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