What are window fittings?

What are window fittings? Window fittings are the parts that are fixed to the window, providing a range of movement. This includes basic opening and closing.

Window fittings or ironmongery are simply the parts that make the window work.

These are fixed to your frame to provide security, basic opening and closing, or improve your property's aesthetics.

Including outward-facing, fixed parts such as handles and peg stays or barely seen furniture, like hinges, wedges, and friction adjusters.

Unless the frame is fixed into place, Handles are the central piece of ironmongery of a window. A traditional handle or cockspur operates by trapping the window frame into place when closed and then turning left or right to release and open the window.

Today's cockspur handles can be duplex or triplex for oversized windows to ensure a tight seal for traditional window profiles.

Multipoint systems are a newly released mechanism and sit concealed against the frame for increased protection against weathering, heat loss, or break-ins for all window sizes. Initially, traditional windows could not host the multipoint due to the profiles being too thin to sit a drive block inside – like you can with uPVC or aluminium. Steel Window Fittings have pioneered the multipoint system for steel windows to bring a modern application to heritage-style fittings.

Also known as casement stay or window stay, the peg stay fits the bottom of the sill and lifts to sit within a bracket that is screwed to the same section. The window can then be held open or fixed closed easily. Steel Window Fittings design and manufacture the outward-facing peg stays in the classic curved and classic straight to match your handles.

Without the friction adjuster, your window would violently swing open or shut, potentially damaging your steel, aluminium, or timber window. This mighty yet hidden window fitting sits neatly within the frame. Lockable variations are also available.

So many variants of ironmongery are available for your window, whether you require something to open and hold your top-hung steel window or a slim handle for your uPVC casement window.

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