Why you and your customers need concealed multipoint lock systems

The concealed Multipoint system is a design that has existed for years in Upvc windows and doors. As the name suggests, multiple points of locking are situated along the inside of the moving part of the frame and mullion.

Why haven’t concealed multipoint systems been used for steel windows and doors before?

The multipoint locking mechanism is traditionally operated by a bulky gearbox that sits behind the window or door handle. The slim sightlines that make steel windows so popular couldn’t accommodate the gearboxes due to their size. Singular locking points located within the handle along with peg stays and bolts have provided extra security for nearly a century.

Steel windows and doors have long used duplex systems (that provide another locking point) and Triplex systems (offer three locking points). These have become popular with steel window and door owners for not only added protection to homes but because of their classic, heritage appearance.

What are the benefits of multipoint locks?

Because the Multipoint systems create locking points within the window, a tighter seal is created. This helps reduce potential weather damage, thermal protection, and improved security to properties. It is also more difficult for intruders to tamper with the mechanism as it is protected by the strong steel profile. Unlike duplex and triplex, the multipoint system cannot be seen when the window or door is closed. When open, it is unobtrusive.

Steel Window Fittings have developed the multipoint system to work with the most popular types and sizes of window and door frames. With the gearbox system removed, you can enjoy the sleek and characteristically thin frame whilst having all the benefits of the multipoint system.

Interested in learning more about concealed multipoint or want to enquire about multipoint for your own properties?

We currently offer multipoint systems for:
•W20 Doors
•W30 Windows
•W40 Windows and Doors
•W50TB Windows and Doors (See our multipoint assistant for W50TB windows)
•Steel Arte Windows and Doors

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